Fetish Jade

Character Model / Actress Extraordinaire

16 April
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Jade is a performance artist, fetish and character model, and Fem Domme
who occasionally performs and makes appearances at various clubs.
She also does private sessions.
Call to book a Sensual Fetish Session: www.fetishjade.com

www.Fetishjade.com < new site in the works

She is a veteran punk rocker known by the name PHOENIX.

OTHER TALENTS: Make-up and hair color artist, singer and dancer, one of the original designers of bondage clothing. Licensed Cosmetologist and Realtor, Associates in Science degree. Microbio degree and RE Brokers license in the works.

INTERESTS: Fetish modeling and fashion, Corsetry, Math, Science, Play Parties, piercings, rope bondage, avante garde photography.


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